TheVoiceOfJoyce COP 27 is a wake up call for the World’s nations. As we approach 1.5 degrees Celsius, our Governments are responsible for the lives of Billions. We must move forward, accept responsibility and adapt to our new reality.

It’s no longer, do Fossil Fuel emissions cause Climate Change and pollution? They have knowingly persuaded the World to use Fossil Fuels, thwarted research and development of clean energy and in 2022 the World must adapt to our reality or perish.

20 million in Pakistan suffered from being displaced by floods, 150 million Africans are fleeing famine and drought. Yet, the rich world continues to exploit African Fossil Fuel resources? Stop mining coal, gas and oil. According to the scientists, we have 7 times the supply needed at this time.

In America, we need the emergency War production Act to be activated. Let’s start hooking renewables to the coal mine infrastructure and have solar or wind power connect to the grid. Let rural areas go off grid with sustainable energy. Conserve our water and use drought resistant crops. Go back to heritage farming and survive. Start using graphene in cement and hydrogen to make steel. The Big oil subsidies can now power America’s future. They can participate or stand aside.

: “[I am] disappointed with the engagement on finance, markets and response measures [to the climate crisis].”

The most contentious issue of all is loss and damage. The term refers to the impacts of extreme weather so severe that countries cannot adapt to them – recent examples include the devastating floods in Pakistan in August and September, which left 20 million people in need of humanitarian aid, and the ongoing drought in Africa, the worst in 40 years, which is threatening nearly 150 million people with extreme hunger.

The loss and damage negotiations revolve around how to provide financial assistance for developing countries affected by such extreme weather, which as well as threatening lives can destroy their infrastructure and tear apart their social fabric.

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