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I wish I could state, Tesla’s construction site in Austin, Texas, is an outlying case of labor abuse, it isn’t. Unfortunately, Corporate America has become used to charging customers exorbitant fees, while hurting labor, literally and figuratively.

Today, it’s Tesla we’re discussing. They’re not following OHSA Laws, they’re not enforcing job training, they’re not paying agreed upon wages, they’re not providing a safe work environment and people are getting hurt. Is there disability pay? Is there hazard pay? Overtime pay?

Why aren’t the State And Federal Government’s enforcing Labor Laws? Compliance with ESG’s isn’t happening in Fortune 1000 Corporations at a detectable level. I know, I attended a conference on “Women at the Top of America”, sponsored by the FT, and asked the question, How many of the Fortune 1000 Corporations are following the ESG’s? No one on the panel could answer that question. Nor did the many panelists exhibit much empathy for today’s worker. They agreed, 50 yr olds are unemployed, probably not passing the first cut of their employment algorithms. However, replacement of AI in Human Resources was not a solution. They were defensive about their use of AI.

HOW MANY AMERICANS THINK CORPORATIONS HAVE TOO MUCH POWER? How many Americans would support a Clean Slate for Labor? Write your Congressman and the NLRB. Corporations have abused Americans and it’s time they were accountable. Why should a large Corporation be allowed to make their own rules, when “we the People ” are charged and suffer for minor infringement of the Law? Shouldn’t there be equal Justice for all?

Construction workers who toiled on one of Tesla’s sprawling so-called gigafactories will file a complaint and a case referral with the federal Department of Labor on Tuesday detailing exploitative work conditions they say they experienced while building the plant.

Whistleblowers came forward to allege serious labor and employment violations during construction of the electric car manufacturer’s massive new facility in Austin, Texas, that left them vulnerable to injuries and wage theft.

Landmark trial involving Tesla autopilot weighs if ‘man or machine’ at fault

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Amid accusations of constant hazards and onsite accidents, one worker said his bosses at an unnamed subcontractor falsified credentials instead of actually providing him and others with required job training involving education about health, safety, and workers’ rights – including the right to refuse dangerous work.

Other whistleblowers are reporting what they describe as wage theft and say they weren’t paid at all or didn’t receive proper overtime compensation for their work on the hi-tech facility.

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