TheVoiceOfJoyce After COP27, the World is faced with a warming Arctic and Antarctica. They’re melting at an alarming rate and several , untested, proposals have been made. Only one, tackling the Arctic warming problem, appears to be viable without unintended consequences. That’s cloud brightening. If the predictions are correct, we’ve got 7 years to solve our problems, before Global temperatures rise more than 4 degrees Celsius.

The proposed project also assumes International cooperation? Another stumbling block. Nations, individually, haven’t developed plans to limit emissions or fossil fuel usage. Why isn’t survival on everyone’s mind?

Given that it seems to take about seven years to get planning permission for a loft conversion, this seems to me like an astonishingly optimistic timescale.

“Remember what I said,” he interrupts, when I voice my surprise, “the Arctic Circle is now heating up at four times the rate of the rest of the planet.”

He says his team is working very hard to get acceptability from potentially affected people, including the Inuit and Sami people. But it’s getting the starting money, which he estimates to be “a few billion pounds”, which will be most time-consuming. The vessels, he says, would be remotely controlled and, he hopes, will run on solar energy and the movement of seawater and wind.

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