TheVoiceOfJoyce under Jennifer Abruzzo of the NLRB employers are now responsible for causing financial hardship to an employee who’s been fired for Unionizing or belonging to a Union. A Federal Judge has sided with employees illegally fired for Unionizing.

Some law firms that represent management have been critical of Abruzzo’s approach, describing her proposals, including increased penalties on employers, as “hawkish” and anti-employer.

This year has seen a surge of first-time union victories at companies, such as Amazon, Trader Joe’s, Chipotle and Apple that have long evaded unionization, as well as a 53 percent uptick in filings for union elections nationwide. But union organizers say these efforts have been met with widespread retaliation from employers.

Starbucks Workers United, which has unionized 270 stores over the past year, says the coffee giant has fired more than 150 union activists. Earlier this year, Starbucks fired seven unionizing baristas at a store in Memphis after they spoke to a local TV station, a set of terminations later found to be illegal by a federal judge.

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