TheVoiceOfJoyce The magnificent Havasupai Falls, the blue green lagoons will be restored along with critical infrastructure. FEMA is designating money for the area’s infrastructure. Rebuilding is required to allow the Havasupai to maintain their lands after recent torrential flooding. The FEMA money will help the Havasupai nation survive and allow them to reopen their area to tourists. Another problem must be addressed by the US government; uranium mining has to stop on Indian lands. It’s a blight on the environment and produces toxic waste. Where are the desist orders and orders for cleanup? Which Federal Dept oversees Uranium mining? Note: There is no more need for uranium tipped missiles, when cheap drones are effective.

Last October, the village experienced drastic flooding which damaged extensive parts of the reservation.

The floods “destroyed several bridges and trails that are needed not only for our tourists, but for the everyday movement of goods and services into the Supai Village”, the tribe said.

The Havasupai is now readying itself to receive tourists again from 1 February on its reservation, which sits nine miles down narrow trails between spectacular red rock cliffs deep within the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. Tourists must apply for permits to enter the reservation.

It is the first time that tourists have been allowed to return to the reservation not only since the flooding, but in almost three years, since tourism was closed off early in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic spread across the US. The canyon community has very limited health care resources on site.

The tribe is one of North America’s smallest and is the only one based inside the canyon, where the community has lived for more than 800 years, despite being driven off much of its original, much wider, territory by armed settlers in the 19th century.

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