TheVoiceOfJoyce The GDPR has fined Meta $414 million for using personal data for advertising without informed consent. We’ve all signed “accept” on those privacy forms, because , if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to use the Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Do we understand what we’re signing? In most cases , no. Do we have a choice to opt out of signing our acceptance of Meta’s use of our data in personalized ads? No we don’t, if we want to use their App. With the new rules in place in the EU & Britain, the GDPR, people will be given a choice to opt out and shield their data from advertisers. Finally, people are given a choice. Will the Laws be adopted in America? Don’t we deserve to have control over our data’s use?

Meta suffered a major defeat on Wednesday that could severely undercut its Facebook and Instagram advertising business after European Union regulators found it had illegally forced users to effectively accept personalized ads.

The decision, including a fine of 390 million euros ($414 million), has the potential to require Meta to make costly changes to its advertising-based business in the European Union, one of its largest markets.

The ruling is one of the most consequential judgments since the 27-nation bloc, home to roughly 450 million people, enacted a landmark data-privacy law aimed at restricting the ability of Facebook and other companies from collecting information about users without their prior consent. The law took effect in 2018.

The case hinges on how Meta receives legal permission from users to collect their data for personalized advertising. The company’s terms-of-service agreement — the very lengthy statement that users must accept to gain access to services like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp — includes language that effectively means users must either allow their data to be used for personalized ads or stop using Meta’s social media services altogether.

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