TheVoiceOfJoyce Why is the United States giving sanctuary to an autocrat who supported the storming of Brazil’s Capitol? Bolsonaro’s trashed the Capitol and Bolsonaro trashed the Amazon for personal gain. When will Bolsonaro be extradited to his own Country, to face any charges they may levy against him?

Bolsonaro flew out of Brazil on the eve of Lula’s inauguration and is in Florida. Many in the US – and across the world – saw echoes of the US Capitol invasion of 2021 in the actions of Bolsonaro’s supporters and called for the former president to be extradited.

Joaquin Castro, a member of the US House foreign affairs committee, told CNN that Bolsonaro had used “the Trump playbook to inspire domestic terrorists to try and take over the government”.

“Right now Bolsonaro is in Florida … he should be extradited to Brazil … The United States should not be a refuge for this authoritarian who has inspired domestic terrorism in Brazil”, he said.

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