TheVoiceOfJoyce No need to fear going to the Polls and checking your ballot. Go with friends and vote. Know your polling place in advance. Make sure you’re registered to vote, take ID, water and snacks. Be prepared, in some states, to be watched. Don’t be intimidated. This year’s midterm is very important. Who is elected, determines, if the lies of Donald Trump are perpetuated and repressive State Laws prevail. There’s lots of money at stake. Millions are being made on Social Media Platforms perpetuating lies. Millions are made in State government’s, by concentrating power in the hands of a few, who don’t want to change their way of life. Why else would Governors, like Ron deSantis surround himself with 40 Billionaires, dedicated to curtailing the Rights of We, the People. Social Media Platforms reward lies and misinformation, read reliable newspapers, look around you, see for yourself, can your life and the lives of your children be better? If the answer is , yes, VoteRon DeSantis and , others like him ,out of office. Get rid of their grip on your onceFree society and vote for change. Why do you think they’re invested in misinformation and lies about the 2020 election and so much more? The truth, they get the money to control your way of life, what you learn and how much you earn, your education, your healthcare, your housing and so much more! Do you want DeSantis making these decisions for you and your family, or do you want a say, in how you live. If you want input into Government and your way of life, vote for change and remain active in Politics. #Politics effects US!

Voter fraud is rare, but that falsehood about the 2020 election has become a central campaign issue for dozens of candidates around the country, causing misinformation and toxic content about the issue to spread widely online.

“Stolen election” was mentioned 325,589 times on Twitter from June 19 to July 19, a number that has been fairly steady throughout the year and that was up nearly 900 percent from the same period in 2020, according to Zignal Labs, a media research firm.

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