AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Amazon should not be able to terminate or mistreat employees for Unionizing. If Corporations were humane, gave a living wage, increased cost of living pay, gave healthcare and paid sick day and provided a safe work place, we wouldn’t need to Unionize every industry in our Country. However, American Corporations only think of their profit margins and people, employees, are dispensable. Not any more. We the People, don’t have to be treated poorly or intimidated. Document abusive behavior toward you. Take photos of your work place, keep records and when you can vote Union, do it. A stronger NLRB would encourage sectoral Unions, one shop or warehouse unionizes, they’re allUnionized. No need for separate voting. Take away monopolies power and vote Union to increase your wage, benefits and safety.

Heather Goodall, a 50-year-old Amazon worker, began pushing for a union at her Amazon warehouse just outside Albany, New York, largely because she was alarmed about safety problems – items often fell off the warehouse’s 27ft-high racks, she said.

“We’ve had packers who had items fall on them. Several complained about concussions,” Goodall said. “You can see wires protruding out. It could cause lacerations. It might take someone’s eyes out.”

In early summer, Goodall turned into a dynamo, fighting for improved safety and a union, asking co-worker after co-worker to sign pro-union cards seeking a unionization election. She obtained so many signatures that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has set a union vote from 12 through 17 October, with the vote count set for 18 October.

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