TheVoiceOfJoyce One Climate Crisis after another as the World’s people, ecosystems and existing power grids fail to adjust to triple digit temperatures. China is experiencing Blackouts, their antiquated Coal Production, cannot keep up with electrical demands. Their problems, and everyone else’s have been exacerbated by the Ukrainian War! China hasn’t learned that Solar and Wind turbines can integrate with existing coal mine infrastructure and integrate into their grid with more and cheaper power. Meanwhile, Yosemite is burning and the Redwoods are in danger. The Swiss Italian border has shifted in the Alps and this is the beginning of Climate Catastrophes. Our planet has only warmed 1.1 Degree Celsius. Our CO2 Emissions are equivalent to 252 million years ago and Biden doesn’t think we have a Climate Emergency? The entire Globe should recognize a Climate Emergency and act to stop all Wars immediately. It’s in our collective best interests to stop Wars to mitigate Climate Changes and their negative effects on life on Earth. When do we become intelligent people and act to save our lives? All lives?

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