PUBLIC ADVOCACY: a letter to my Readers/A call for action

Dear followers
I am torn between what can be and what is ? For years I’ve been writing about Social advocacy, almost   30,000 visitors that I know of, have viewed my site, but I feel I should be doing more?  I will  continue to deliver all the news and issues and options that concern me and  you Dear Reader by expanding my Blog to include links and Posts from other experts in their fields.  Evolving into the Muckrakers of today, like those in Teddy Roosevelt’s time, 1901.

Can you envision doing more?  Becoming more involved and engaged.  If you see something, do something.   Take the next step,  and vote with your feet  and your heart and your “money” for change.  Like all well funded political organizations, we, the People, need our own voice, our own requests for Social Justice, our own lobbying group to ensure that the Middle Class voice is heard.  Use the tools at hand, Super PACs, Subsidiary PACs, fund raising, we’ve got models galore to follow.  Both the left and the right use these “fund raising” models.    Use them before we eliminate them , favoring, one man one vote!

Let’s start having a meaningful dialogue among ourselves. State our objectives and plan to obtain those goals. I can’t wait 25 years for an AhHa moment to occur for all of you. The time for discussion is past. People are falling into poverty daily.  We should do something now , either singly, on your own to make a difference , or contact me and let’s start mobilizing for change.

  •    We voted to abrogate our rights.
  •    We elected officials for life terms.
  •    We need to create new laws favoring the Middle Class, controlling an out of control market society.

I realize, I can’t be a  lone voice in the wilderness!  I can’t change the status quo without your help and  the necessary funds  to travel and assure people our cause is just.   Social media is the “must use tool” for our youth and should supplement any “hands on contact”.     What do you think?  Is it time for the Silent Minority to be less silent and act in their own self interest.  In this age of influence, we have to be astute enough to know when influence peddling helps or hinders our upward mobility.  I believe we will have many fed up Journalists and litigators available to herald our cause.

Thanks for reading. This has been on my mind since New Year’s when I wrote about the “Bully Pulpit”

. Also,  for those reading  and willing, I’d like to Publish my Blog as an Ebook, I could use technical and editorial  help. I also need help in producing videos, which I consider essential to our cause.  Clever,  videos, for U Tube,  they don’t have to be fancy?  Volunteers please contact me.  Volunteers now, then funding.  Thanks for reading and responding .  We always have choices, when Politics affects us.   All the best. Joyce

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