PUBLIC ADVOCACY: If you see something, say something.

me workingIf you see something, say something.  Want to be part of the Solution?  I do!   I no longer want to be passive and report the news, let’s make the news together?  From now on this Blog would like to link to other Bloggers who have something to say. They are the go to people on education and other areas of concern

We know laws to protect the Middle Class have been weakened  and/or changed over the last 40 years, the time to right these wrongs is now. The way to change law, is by presenting a compelling case for the abuse of Power; whether in Monopolies or education or finance. We’ll present the facts, like ” The Muckrakers ” of 1901 and make our case for changing our laws to support the Middle Class instead of continuing it’s downward spiral. We can use  all the tools at hand, social media, cartoons, videos to get our point across.

Would you , dear reader, become involved and engaged, develop a healthy cynicism , a healthy skepticism about what and who is influencing your choices?    Every time someone gives you or your group money, no matter how large the sum, remember they gain far more. Stop the game from being played. You have only one life to lead and, if you care, let it be free. Choose wisely. We have choices to make when Politics effects us.

Oh? One more thing, I  have read and listened to many speeches and theses on our plight, if they don’t make sense, they don’t make sense!  I’m hearing “gobbledygook”, I call it as I hear it and I read it.    If you don’t understand something,  ASK FOR CLARIFICATION!  Ask until you understand.  Don’t be intimidated or ashamed to ask.  People tend to Blind other people with BS, but most concepts, if real, are designed to be understood  simply.  Don’t be afraid to  ASK, especially when Politics affects US?

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