PUBLIC ADVOCACY: My personal journey

JoyceMy personal Journey

Why do I care about others? You can’t understand or have empathy and compassion for others until you understand yourself. What makes me happy? What am I prepared to lose? What is my personal comfort zone?

When I closed Merit Carpets, Inc. , it was a decision that was overdue. I knew in 2010 I should sell or get out of business. I knew before that, but I couldn’t separate myself from my business. I had 1370 lbs of memories tied up in Merit, years of working with my family, growing up with the Business 24/7. We were once prosperous . I loved the action, I always liked ” the art of the deal”. My customers became my friends and the money was good. All pluses till the ” man made” financial crisis struck. Then , not only did the economic climate change but some of my clients changed as well. They became inhumane and prospered and the ones I liked  most and related to  fell into a non profitable state. Equity firms took over developers and the bottom line became more important then people. My guys/ skilled mechanics,  took a cut in pay equivalent to 57% of their previous salary and it wasn’t enough!

For years, once the recession started, I had a ” stomach ache” whenever I opened my office and warehouse!. It was a relief to finally close my doors.

I’ve found my vocation, I like to write, to learn, to educate. I’ve become a political ” animal” proselytizing about my beliefs where ever I go.

My own personal comfort zone depends upon my daily routines. I don’t like destruction of property or ” stuff” that doesn’t work. I have redundant systems in place to maintain my level of comfort.   I am flexible in the pursuit of life and happiness,  yet I have clung to my “stuff” , seeking “one constant” in a life of change.      When all else has failed , my home became my place of safety. Can I live else where with different stuff , Yes.   But, I prefer the integration of the “old” with the new!  The unknown makes me uncomfortable. I prefer to live with knowing, I can live with truth, I don’t like ” unknown, unknowns”.


Though I am not Mr.Henry Clay Frick, the industrialist and Art Collector,  who left his residence to the Public, I too , when the days are hectic, enjoy sipping a glass of wine and gazing at my stuff to relax!  It worked for him and it works for me.  There is something about Art and Beauty that brings us pleasure and reminds us of the best of Humanity!


Savor the moment, any moment or interlude in your own life that makes you feel safe and content. It’s a gift to block out the world, carve your own space and see or not see reality as you choose your own way of life and coping.  We are all the same, no matter where we are on the economic rung, we crave peace, caring, work and family.  Some of us are more human, more humane then others.  Thank God.  We can’t  preserve humanity unless we acknowledge our humanness!


Thanks for reading.  All the best to you, my dear reader.  My journey and yours continues!  Though I pursue my passions,  though I question everything and everyone, I never stop proselytizing about US and the salvation of the Middle Class!  Inequality and “the status quo” makes me Mad as Hell!

PS I’d like to acknowledge the John Kiley sculpture that frames my face! I’ll write about my Seattle and Detroit trips ; the cities,  the Artists visited and their new Glass Art ,  after several Public Advocacy Posts are Published… Enjoy!

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