PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Where’s the Rage? I’m Mad as Hell!

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The Economist

Everyone asks why no outrage. Why doesn’t everyone ban together, the answer is simple, everyone is living outside their comfort zone. So much has gone wrong in the last 7 years, no one has recovered.
The upper top percent of this Country are Partying like it’s 1929″. taking on leverage, the banks are too big too fail. LOL. so much is wrong with the Country, it is almost incomprehensible . Who can take in all the misery and not be numb.


What’s occurred since 2008, thinking “out loud”:

1. Loss of Jobs; leading to long term unemployed.
2. Whoever remains in a job, is too scared to take any time off.
3. 50 million people in poverty , living on food stamps.
4. The Middle Class continues to be decimated by home foreclosures, student loans and credit card debt
5. Small businesses are  priced out of the marketplace, even if they could get loan financing, it doesn’t matter, they need customers and revenue.
6. All of the available businesses are being acquired by equity firms, including real estate and most of these acquisitions are bought on leverage using the shadow banking system.  They are the only Sector of this economy with money to spend.
7. The environment, Mother Nature, has now turned against our Country, our citizens and the entire planet. The death toll from natural disaster continues to rise.
8. People are so self absorbed Ship Captains no longer go down with their ship. Instead they are the first to leave a sinking ship. It’s also why we are experiencing so many unnatural disasters. There is no maintenance, nobody cares!
9. The Middle Class, which includes everyone under $25 million, can’t afford to purchase a Congressman and knows they no longer have a voice in Politics.
10. Voting rights no longer exist, we all believe if you could vote, the automated machines are rigged anyway.

Biden says,  La Guardia  Airport is a shame , to fly into or out of,  because it’s like being in a 3 rd World Country. Really, the entire Country has become a 3 rd World Country and I have to apologize that I am making fun of emerging marketplaces and other Countries. We’re so shrewd , we’re so sophisticated, we see The World’s faults but not our own. You want to know why “We the People no longer react to problems, we the People are overwhelmed. ” We have no one to talk to, we can only put our heads down and try to survive. We’ve had it. We the People no longer react because this is as bad as it gets. Though I know full well, things can always get worse. Been there, done that. The rage has been suppressed. That’s why ” we the people are allowed Pot”, we can have a few crumbs, a raise in wages, but nothing substantial. No real jobs exist unless you work for the equity firms. Forget sole ownership, forget Horatio Alger, we can hope, but you will never Pass Go! There is no way out and up for the middle classes, the game is rigged.

But never forget, we the people are 300,000,000 in this a Country and Billions in other Countries.   We don’t want trillions, but we do want an equitable way of life.   We want to sit at the Table and we want to be heard.


I have a plan to be heard. If you’re reading this, pass the word,   like Martin Luther King ,  we  will protest, but we will not March. Instead I propose that by November 1 st of this year, if job creation is not instituted , if tax and financial reforms are not passed, if Citizens United is not overturned, if the Voting Rights Law is not strengthened, then ” we the People ” should go home and stay home and enjoy our families. Stay off the streets, I don’t want anyone to be hurt. Nobody who loves freedom or their liberty or their life should go to any job until the items mentioned are implemented. That’s the plan. I’m Mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.   What about you?


You can only feel human, when you get off the treadmill and restart living! Do you want change?   We all have choices, when Politics effects US.   Time to choose, before 2016?


If you have any further suggestions, dear reader, that you would like to add or subtract, please  comment and start the conversation and action needed for  change.

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    1. Thanks. Please read the other articles on this topic and feel free to comment.
      The Financial Crisis and it’s aftermath has stranded the Middle Class.
      There are solutions but we need to take the first steps toward mitigating the harm created.
      All the best. Joyce

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