Me at The Plaza Athenee in Alain Ducasse's Restaurant
Me at The Plaza Athenee in Alain Ducasse’s Restaurant

If we want to resurrect the Middle Class, based upon conversations with fellow citizens  it has become apparent that  “We the People”, need our own representatives to government.  We need our own Party, that works with “we the People, for the People”.   Why is a new Party the only way to go?

  • I listened to Beyond Corruption: New Approaches to Money in Politics, sponsored by the Brennan Law Center on 2/5/15.   John Sarbanes  led the discussion on Money in Politics by stating that  overturning Citizens United was not an option.  Though he admitted,  ” Money in Politics is corrupting”?   He  further confirmed that lawmakers are so involved in Fund raising, that they no longer have time to legislate.  Then he stated, ” even if they had time to legislate, their first thought would be “how does my decision affect my donors”?  Not , how does my decision affect my constituency?  or fellow Americans?

As our value system became increasingly corrupted over time,  as special interest groups and “big Money” flowed to our” representatives ” in government,  the  traditional parties,  “Democrat or Republican”,  ceased to represent “We the People”.   Is it any wonder, after the debacle of 2008, that “we the people”,  are totally disillusioned with government and  all institutions in place today?

One liberal said it best: the liberals are the ones who deny vaccinations and the Conservatives deny Climate change.   Worse some ideologies are so entrenched a debate  of  issues is met with hostility and resistance!  We are  dysfunctional, like families, we are dysfunctional in different ways.  It’s sad, but not hopeless.  We now recognize that we have a flawed system with flawed thinking and “we the People” are prepared to accept change.

We know, that unless and until we break thru these mind sets and challenge the prevailing ideologies, we can never break through the grid lock that exists in Congress or in our own minds.  Call it grid lock, call it denial of the facts, call it whatever you will, a flexible mind accepts change.  We the People get it, even if our leaders and the current Political Parties don’t.  Therefore,  a new Political Party that reflects our needs has become  the primary wish of ” we the People”.

Based upon feedback from people I know,   there is a need for a “new” political Party now.   A new Party that embraces questioning of the status quo and moves our Country forward on issues that concern us.   Both the right and the left are ready to accept a Political Party that reflects the needs of “we the People”.  We want to work towards a Goldilocks government.  We want a Party that reflects The Middle Class values we grew up with.  We want a Party that is balanced and centered, reflecting the wishes , of the no longer ,  Silent Majority”.  We the People want  a voice and choices. The funding will follow.

What do we call this new Centrist Party: A blending of both political Parties? Are we in fact the Independents? Or should we have another name? As I thought about the symbols of our current parties, a donkey and an elephant, I thought LION!  Then I thought: COMMON SENSE!

1. Citizen Lions. Hear us roar! A new political party,” COMMON SENSE” ,  that welcomes every one feeling disenfranchised . All voices heard. Consensus to be reached on several issues which will move our country forward on jobs, education and poverty. We will recreate the Middle Class Values that we grew up with. An ethical and moral way of life that makes us all feel secure as we strive to do the next right thing, for ourselves, our family and our country.

2. We  understand we have to fix our own house before we can advise others. Listen, learn and then respond.    All we need is an open mind and the willingness to listen and learn.

3. Our Lion’s request a chance to talk to everyone, find out their concerns , and develop a strategy to achieve our aims for our Country. Time is of the Essence. We have 2 yrs to take back our Country from special interest groups. We make up in numbers what we lack in dollars. Who knows, perhaps a few decent men and women will help us? Hope springs eternal.

I now see the folly of my commitment to Obama’s tax proposals.  Until we open people’s minds to the possibilities of change , they will be entrenched in old ideologies:  closed to any engagement on the issues. As I’ve been told, the very thought of a debate on issues is considered a challenge to an entrenched ideology. My response, keep trying anyway. How long can someone stand with their hands over their ears? Keep saying the same thing. Be repetitious,  explaining the benefits of one issue at a time.

Now that we’ve outlined our mission, I think naming this new Party should be everyone’s mission. My suggestion, for our Citizen Lions, is a new Party called:  “COMMON SENSE”!  What would you name a new Political Party, dear followers? The Prize for the most popular name of a new Political Party, is dinner in New York , with me . Followed by media exposure using every form of communication available to US.  I urge my readers, to Like this Post and show your support for a “new” Political Party.  Makes COMMON SENSE to me!

We have choices and we know Politics does effect us!

The next Posts will reflect my thinking and yours as we move forward with our New Party and  our desire for change!  Have a great day every one.  Though cold, the sun is shinning over the Upper West Side of New York City today!

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