PUBLIC ADVOCACY: JOYCE & The Middle Class : We are One

Dear Followers:

JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm
JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm

In my last publication, we established a need for a Centrist Party, that would create Laws to protect and serve the vast majority of Americans. I thought I was correct in looking at Lions as our Mascot, but on further reflection, I appear to be reinventing the wheel, by straying off my original Brand.

I have evolved over time, becoming a Brand you trust.   I report on issues which concern us. I can be relied upon to say the truth, even if I am a lone voice among many. Lately, many people are willing to follow me and take up causes that are considered important by us.

Our Party,  and eventually our newspaper, should highlight the issues important to a Society grounded in  ethical and moral values.   Thanks to you, dear followers,  we will help each other move forward and recreate our  AMERICAN values utilizing the latest technology.

Our new Party has already been established under the banner of ” thevoiceofjoyce “. My colors are Purple and Red. My symbols are my heart shaped pendent and the butterfly that I wear daily. Reminding me and you,  that we are capable of change and every action that we make should be thoughtful and compassionate. I have a heart and if you are following, you do to!

So let’s capitalize on the branding that has already been established. Are we Citizen Lions as well, you bet!   When we speak, others will hear OUR ROAR!  . Does our new Party rely on Common Sense Law. You bet. Only Laws that are easy to understand and implement are worthwhile for our just cause.

Are we enlisting the help of Mothers against Unequal Justice? Yes we are. Are we enlisting the help of Mothers against inequality, Yes we are!  We are a diverse Society made up of just causes that speak to our sense of humanity.

Please help me , to establish a real campaign for ” the voice of Joyce”. We want to own the table and eat our feast . No more Scraps for the Middle Class. Let’s take back our Country from special interest groups and start putting People back to work. We can do it together. Help me establish an organization that will bring our fellow Americans to a level of understanding that drives the electorate to create new laws for change. That empowers us to speak to Corporate CEO’s to demand ” equal pay for equal service” and greater inclusion on Corporate Boards. Let’s lead the way forward on pushing Laws that are equitable. Developing skill sets in our youth and making jobs available to every age group in our Country. Let’s not leave anybody behind. There is much to do in 2 years and this is uncharted territory for me.

” the Voice of Joyce” will need funding. Like that very successful Obama campaign of 2008, I would need someone to set up this new website both for Campaigning for Political office and for attaining our Political and Economic Equality. For me to help you, I need your help. I know we have talent in our Country , who will help me set up our organization and start the fundraising necessary to achieve our goals: ” the resurrection of the Middle Class” Failure is not an option.

  • Politics effects Us. We know it effects us. We are evolving into a Political Party : the voice of Joyce ! Thank you for your support. I look forward to Lunch or Dinner with a team of People dedicated to The Resurrection of the Middle Class! I have ideas and you dear followers have the skills to make my vision and yours a reality. Thank you and have a great day!

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