PUBLIC ADVOCACY:  my continuing journey And yours! 

The Letter I Ascends, Part 2-01(1)I’ve held many positions in my life:  rewarding and diverse.  I seem to have the ability to see problems within an existing organization.   I understand the unresolved issues, create a game plan for change and integrate new ideas and products.   I create  systems within institutions, permanent systems, that change the existing institution.  I start with my concept of change and wind up with an organizational structure that ” we” create.

Let me explain.  When I worked at Ford, I was given the task of integrating anti corrosive materials into the Paint Dept.  I wrote the GMP’s ( good manufacturing practices) in conjunction with manufacturers recommendations  and Paint Dept Managers.  I met weekly with the heads of Body and Paint who pledged weekly when they were prepared to  implement the new anti corrosive products .   Our newspaper , called a “hot sheet ” , was circulated to the responsible department heads  and the Ford Operating Co.    The newspaper had a dual purpose, it defined the products to be implemented , assigned a date for implementation and designated the person responsible for the product’s  incorporation into the painting system.  The newspaper and the GMP’S became our record of a successful integration of the new products .  Additionally,  by assigning personal responsibility to product integration , the Ford Operating Committee was assured that what was pledged , was indeed accomplished.  There was always a ” go to ” person for every product to be integrated within the system. Accountability and responsibility were not optional. It was mandatory to assign personal responsibility for the use of every designated new product.  It never occurred to us, that people were exempt from responsibility for product implementation.

The Ford value system in 1976 mandated accountability &  responsibility .  When you pledged to meet a deadline, you met the deadline or stated why it couldn’t be done in the original time frame and amended the time frame. Because Managers ”  lived or died ” by their schedules, they planned accurately for product implementation. They learned to set realistic goals for product implementation.    We allowed for human fallibility too!  Products that fell into the ” as required” category, were  never  used.  All of our goals were met.  Failure was not an option. “We “, at some point the “I ” changed  to ” we”,  and we created a  new system within the corporation, that functioned independently until being integrated within  the existing structure.

Every job I’ve had, even Merit Carpets,  I was the primary mover of my corporation originally.  My corporate vision was the initial vision for my Company.   As the organization grew, my vision changed :  though the risks were mostly mine, Merit’s labor force,  and my Foreman in particular,  became my partners in the business. We all assumed responsibility for our work load and jobs, we all shared in the profits in a known, defined way.  Responsibility and accountability for job performance was clearly delineated and accepted. Profits were divided in predetermined amounts as employees assumed greater responsibility for job performance.   At some point, the “I ” was  replaced by ” we ” and “we ” bid jobs together , changing the original corporate structure.    If the Recession had not occurred, Merit would have continued as a Corporate entity under labor management. Therefore, In every instance, my involvement in an organization  changed the vision and the structure of the original Corporation.  Though I was the original driving force of change, change occurred when ” we” were all involved.

  •  Sustainable change requires, ” we” !  No man is an Island, no man can work alone for change, change is effective when ” we” are all involved.

The question effecting us now:  How do “I” change the Political Parties?  Reduce the influence of money in Politics.  Create an awareness of the issues. State simple ideas with one focus. Develop a team of involved individuals who will create other teams, until ” we the people” are involved in our survival. To paraphrase President Kennedy, “ask how ” we can work together for the American way of life we cherish”?  We have a choice when Politics effects us, silence should not be an option.  Have a great day dear followers.  All the best . Joyce

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