PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Time for action

Dear followers, as we approach this Holiday season, during this time of reflection and hope, I’d like to ask your opinion.  If you’ve logged onto my word press site or merely followed me around, where do you think I belong on the political spectrum?  Join me in conversation.

Also, I have questions about you , my followers.  Of all the topics discussed, what’s most important to you?   Who are you?  Where do you live?  What’s your age?your gender?
Let’s move from a static community to action!
I’m ready if you are. No more procrastination, it’s  time to  for me to mingle with real people.  Contact or twitter @grandmajsilver.
As always, your responses and likes are important to me.  Time for a dialog and time to get to work!  There is no better tomorrow unless and until we all work together to make it happen.  All the best. Joyce

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