PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Happy April Fool’s Day! LOL !!!

me @ 1:29  11/30/14Let’s resurrect The Middle Class!  I’ve always known what will turn the Country back to prosperity I’m stuck on the ” how!  How do we as a people, get behind the right solutions, the right political policies the right laws and get them passed.  

Is there a way to turn the economy around without a Revolution?  If so how far do we have to go as a people to create a sense of urgency, a sense of humanity in those currently holding the reins of power?  How do we support a Public Option for government and reduce Corporate Influence?
  • Do we throw a monkey wrench in the electronics that everyone depends on, just to show we mean business?  It’s happening in other Countries;  Turkey went dark?  Why?  We the People are  tired of waiting for solutions that never occur to those without vision for others.
  • Do we unionize all members of the work force, the entire temporary work force, then all the Middle Managers:  Executives without benefits, without flexible hours, without security?

Is there another way?  I proposed it last year. A general strike , everyone goes home and stays home. , globally , every city where young and old alike feel left out of the system. All we have to do is choose a date, disconnect from the Internet, stay home, and prepare to be home for as long as it takes to negotiate a revival of ” old Laws” ?  and new ones where appropriate?

  • Give me a team to work with on your behalf and I will happily negotiate our requests for Middle Class stability and it’s resurrection.  Together we can make the right choices for effective economic policies and reverse the mal effects of politics .
Who will work with me to start the beginning of the reforms?  You’ve got my voice and now I need yours.  Dear reader, please respond for all our sakes, this is not the time to remain silent.  Tell me if you are with me and what level of community investment are you interested in performing?  Contact my gmail account Have a great day and let’s get to work. Thanks again for your support. Your comments have  helped my spirits when I wondered, was anyone listening.  I know people are listening, let’s turn our Community into active purpose.  Together we can Resurrect the Middle Class.  All the best. Joyce  PS I can’t apologize for my passion and I can’t give up!

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