PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A scrap for the Middle Class

me @ 1:29  11/30/14Have you read the news lately?  Obama has just released $10 Million to several States to create good paying jobs to enable food stamp recipients to get off ” the Public trough”.  While that’s admirable, I wonder, why do we become conscious of the waste in this system and not look at the wasted money going to Big Agra , the folks who produce nothing and get the big bucks?  These folks, literally have gotten a free ride on the backs of the poor and middle class,  yet their supportive enabling program is sacred.  Why?   Why do we only shine a light on the poor?  Their misuse of the “food stamp program”, is 1% according to the New York Times.  Yet the poor , not those subsidized by the Middle Class,  are scrutinized as a group and condemned as parasites.

 Parasites indeed!   Why not  Stop the Farm Subsidy dole  and enact more programs to help the Middle Class reclaim their stake in America.  It’s a thought when Politics effects us.  

3 thoughts on “PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A scrap for the Middle Class

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    1. Thanks for linking to my site. How can we continue to spread the word on inequality and effect change. I’m willing to work with anyone interested in creating a movement for changing laws and adding transparency to government. Social media is our vehicle. Thanks for your support. Joyce

    2. Thanks for linking to my Blog site. I appreciate your support and want to take activism to the next step. I really want to create an atmosphere for real change. Transparency in government. Want to join my efforts? All the best. Joyce

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