The voice of Joyce: Together we can overcome that” helpless feeling”

Photo on 4-29-15 at 11.55 AM #2I’ve put off asking for money, hoping that a ” white knight”, will come to my rescue.  I forgot that God helps those who help themselves.   

So hear me out, please.    I want to establish a newspaper, to be published every two weeks, containing the information gathered by reporters on activist movements in this country.  It has come to my attention that there are many diverse organizations pursuing social justice,  transparency in Banking,  clinical trial results in pharmaceuticals,  what it takes to get a good education, etc. I want to link and combine with these groups, giving people a ” go to source” for information.  Create a data base of activists and  activism in our Nation and shine a light on our institutions, our politicians and our Society.

 We may find that several experts are analyzing the same data.  Let’s print their conclusions and send this paper to ” People” to reduce their sense of hopelessness. Many are working on behalf of the People, but unless we know what’s happening around the Country, the data is too disperse and becomes ineffective.
Let’s work together and together we can change our world.  On Sunday, I listened to a live broadcast from Ben Gurion Airport as Lt Col Peter Lerner prepared to depart from Israel, to help victims of the Nepal Earthquake.  He used Periscope to broadcast his trip and was amazed that 53 people had logged on to his live broadcast.  I was one of them, using my Twitter account @grandmajsilver.  He thought this technology was awesome and he’s an expert in Social Media for the State of Israel.  Me, I’m a novice and believe the technology is magic, but extremely useful for “crowd sourcing”.    I believe, working together,  utilizing our collective wisdom, talking about our concerns ,  discussing  our Society,  here at home and abroad, we can find a way to overcome our limited choices and change our World to reflect the “values ” we cherish.
  •  Democracy: as defined by a dictionary, is a government by the people, in which the supreme power is vested in the People and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
 I require $5 million to fund this venture, hire staff and  start a  newspaper  that records social action as it happens. (This figure was most cited by every activist start-up requiring seed money!)  It too, can be verified via crowd funding and crowdsoucing  Together we will develop a data base and “go to source “for information that creates change”.
Please consider my request,  give me the money to educate and broadcast ideas that will  Resurrect the Middle Class. This can definitely be a Global effort. Let’s learn  from each other and move forward on global prosperity, trade and education.  A community dialog is missing from the Media. Let me fill the vacuum by using various social media sites.   This field is so new, that even the experts, don’t understand the potential of “Crowd sourcing” or Periscope.
I think regular dialogs with folks who want to participate in our “activism experiment , will prove meaningful.  Let’s think together  and determine  the best way to communicate the changes already occurring.  Once we see and report instances of progress, we’ll feel less helpless and more in control of our lives.
Thank you for reading and listening.  I look forward to continuing our dialog on Periscope as we discuss and determine how best to establish our data base and then to make the leap from activism to Societal solutions.   Have a great day wherever you are!  I’ll be speaking to you when I return from Omaha.  All the best.

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