The Voice of Joyce: Let’s act on AMERICA Speaks! Now! 

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 7-6-15 at 3.51 PMSometimes you can over think problems and not act.

Many democrats don’t like Hillary , yet she’s #1 among Democrats.  Will she and Pelosi continue the Political Divide?

At a recent meeting of the New Israel Fund, I discovered that Hillary Clinton has actively intervened  in Israeli politics, on behalf of NIF.    Though their cause is justice, they  support BDS, vilify” other’s not as liberal”;  like the Orthodox,  and the right.  It’s questionable,  if they support Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel?  But,  enough about foreign affaires!  Let’s think about Hillary Clinton’s  impact on Americans.   How has she used her connections to promote and implement polices now,  to change the plight of The Middle Class?
At least most Republicans are clear in their message:  they mis lead, they are anti labor and pro “big business”.  I may not agree with many of their platforms or accomplishments  either, but they are honest in their plunder of our Society.  Look at their State’s economy before considering them Presidential.

As a pragmatic centrist.     I talk , listen and learn, searching for common ground to move The Middle Class forward. Nothing is black and white till a decision is sealed, even then , decisions can evolve as new information is presented.    I have one goal, resurrection of  the Middle Class.
That’s why I found reading Piketty revelatory.  He uses facts and reason to persuade us that his treatise is right! Unchecked, the Uber wealthy will continue to prosper as the Middle Class declines.   Many don’t agree with Piketty. However, according to the Financial Times,  Global Taxes on Capital are being considered. One can only hope that the free wheeling days of the Banker are coming to an end. It’s  a question of timing and method.  We know the solutions.  Inequality decreases with War, Taxes , or Rebellion!  To better control our destiny, when will “we the people” become actively involved?

  • There is an inner voice within all of us.
  • Many know the scriptures, we know right from wrong. In the book I read for my book club ” the Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd,  several phrases stand out as rules to live by:
  • 1. Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.
  • 2. To remain silent in the face of evil. Is itself a form of evil.
  • 3. Be careful you can be enslaved twice, once in your body and once in your mind.

If our Democracy dies, it will be for lack of passion, lack of using our inner voices, lack of using our creative intellect, to develop a Society based on equality. If we fail to act, our Nation may be split again.

  • Greed never survives the onslaught of the People’s desire to be free.
  • 40 yrs has been the magic number. (1821 – 1865),  that’s the time between the first Slave rebellion to the last,  when the Union was torn apart. It was prophesied by the Founding Father’s .   They feared , the Union would blow apart , one day , and slavery would be the cause.
  • The next rebellion occurred,  in the 60’s with the civil rights  movement , culminating in Laws favoring equality for  African Americans.  Again, the struggle for equality was acknowledged to take 40 years.  Why ?
  • From the end of WWll to the 1980’s our Country prospered.  Those years were the most productive and creative and experienced the least income inequality.  The reasons for everyone’s prosperity; taxation of the upper classes at 80-90% following the WAR!
  • Going way back to Biblical times, we are told, when Moses said, ” enter the land of milk and honey”,  few followed him, it took the Israelites 40 yrs to realize there was only one way out of the wilderness. They had to cross into the ” promised land”.

Too bad, we can speed up technological advances,  but the human spirit takes it’s time to mobilize for change? I understand needing time to adjust to change.   However, with the advent of Social Media and more transparency in our daily lives, is it possible to advocate for our own salvation in less then 40 years?  That’s the challenge. Helping ourselves and each other to commit to positive change and equality, now!  If you’re concerned about how we get to our Promised Land, please read about” the Irish Publicans and their reverse run on the Banks”  the article cited in the Financial Times this weekend.

  • I saw this article when using the Financial Times app and thought you might be interested:  It’s a thought!

Financial Times,
Peter Cunningham: Irish publicans’ reverse bank run

Peter Cunningham

Pubs became the principal clearing houses during bankers’ strikes in the 1960s and 1970s, writes Peter Cunningham

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