The voice of Joyce: Periscope @11am Can we break Congressional Gridlock?

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Our topic for today: Can we get beyond Grid Lock?

Tune in at 11am on Periscope.

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2 thoughts on “The voice of Joyce: Periscope @11am Can we break Congressional Gridlock?

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    1. Hi there. Thank you for sharing . Would you please explain ? what is a free account? How can you be late in it’s payoff ? Unless , you mean , accounts that have no interest for 5 yrs Then when the account is due , it may have a balloon payment , rather then monthly payments plus interest rates . Apparently, the burden of understanding every document is on the consumer. We have to fully understand our fiduciary responsibility. Unfortunately, there is no burden of responsibility on the lender or the rating agency. There should be fiduciary responsibility on their sides. First to assure that the customer knows what they are signing . Then the rating agency, should maintain proper records and be required to act in a fiduciary manner on the people’s behalf.

      I look forward to your response and explanation. Thank you for commenting.

      If you find my Blog Posts informative please follow me, share them with friends and try to break Congressional gridlock by writing in new candidates that will protect your rights. Please write me in for President in your State. Get me on the ballot, so we can change our Laws and stop inequality. All the best.

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