JOYCE:  Help me Run for President 


2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AMI’m Joyce Silver. Many of you know me personally and have asked me to run for the office of the Presidency. I am happy to do so because I know I have the negotiating and people skills necessary to bring responsible government back to ” we the People”.
I am  a “centrist politician” , leaning toward lean, workable effective accountable government. For me, action now is imperative. Why waste another 4 or 8 years? Failure is not an option, ” we the people ” need good paying jobs and we can easily create enough revenue to stimulate our economy. We need to pass a simple “tax to stop risk” , generating close to a Trillion Dollars in revenue. Then, we can work on Tax and Fiscal reforms creating a more stable society.

For five years, I’ve written about solutions to our Economy. I’ve been an advocate for change but it’s not enough. I’ve got to leave the comfort of rhetoric and actively campaign for your help and support in winning the White House and bringing 100 new faces with me from every state in the union. I am convinced nobody can work alone. We need to create the atmosphere for change by electing new people to congress , independent of money influences , to join me in making decisions on behalf of ” we the people”

We can do it. It takes time and it takes your willingness,  my dear followers , to provide the talent necessary to make your request for me to run , a reality.   Who will join me me? Let’s use our networks to work together creating a campaign team first with coaches, speaking engagements and more. I can run businesses, I can be creative. I do not know how to successfully run a campaign, that’s why I need your help. I urge you to volunteer, the money will follow.

  • Contact me with your skill sets and let’s build our teams.
  • My email is:
    Joyce Silver

Wishing you all the best. I look forward to working with you. Since we are doing something that is untried, this journey will be an adventure for all of us. We have nothing to lose but our Democracy. We cannot fail. It is your choice and Politics effects us.
Thank you and God Bless you.


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