The Voice of Joyce: Activism now 

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AMMy sentiments exactly, as I Read Mark Bittman’s Farewell in the New York Times.   If you’re not familiar with his writing, let me give you a refresher on his “Food Policies”.   He’s been writing about  the Food industry for 5 years.  He cares about pay equity in the food industry and  the  impact of food on our lives.  Now he’s going  to devote time to a new start up that will put his ideas into tangible results, to help ” we the People eat better”!
I echo his desire for “real” action now!   I’ve talked and stated my views on our AMERICAN Economy . I’ve presented solutions to our problems, but I can no longer act alone or in a vacuum. I’ve got to tap into the Network I’ve created and find people within my network to help me create a Political Party that cares about the needs of ” we the People”. A Party that reflects the wishes of ” we the People ” and elects qualified passionate individuals to Government.

It’s time we went back to ” basics”. Back to the time when being a Congressman or woman was an honorable and honored profession. That’s my goal. Folks have said I should run for President, I will, but I need your help. This is a large undertaking for us, me and you, because I can’t achieve any of the goals we’ve selected unless we also decide to elect at least 100 new faces to Government as well.

If we the People are for one man , one vote. Our involvement in that process is vital and timely. If we think it can be done in one year, now is the time to start with 110% energy to develop our campaign teams and start funding me and those we wish to send to Congress.
This letter is not a request for money. This letter is a request for help in developing a.campaign team, replete with coaches, agents promoting speaking engagements and creative others to get our message into the National arena and elect me and 100 qualified others.

Who will help me overturn the current influence of money in politics? Who will help me develop and plan for and start our campaign Nationwide ?

  • It’s time for a  person  of “the People “, to run for the Highest Office of our land and for others to be included in this election cycle.

I’ve learned a lesson from President Obama’s terms in office.

  • One person can not work alone. Also, once we’ve developed a group dedicated to my nomination and the nomination of others, at least 2 from every State, we should simultaneously develop and sustain a newspaper promoting our platform and letting everyone feel empowered as their voices continue to count, not just through the Campaign cycle but always. This Newspaper will form the core of our, ” we the People’s progress and failures , as we move forward toward implementing our goals. If we’re lucky, we will also attract money from retailers we patronize and Foundations who have the good of the Republic in their core. Our ultimate goal would be to form a new school for Statesman giving them and the Middle Class a foothold into Politics and political change.
  • I envision a Middle Class movement “with legs”.
    We the People will elect a President
  • We will form a new Political Party for all people representing ” we the the People, for the People”.
  • “We the people” will elect candidates to Congress and pursue the election of new faces on the Community level and State level as well.
  • “We the people” will develop a newspaper for Nationwide distribution reflecting our progress and interacting with people on the local level to generate more ideas for change.” We the People” are inclusive. Our commitment to all of us does not end at the White House, it endures with our Republic.
  • Lastly, ” we the People”, will establish a college for Statesmen. A foundation dedicated to creating at least a hundred individuals capable of governing on behalf of the People.
    This is my objective, dear followers. Who can we attract through our vast networks to work with me and you and make these dreams a reality? Time is of the essence. We have one year to intensively campaign , train , and elect me as President and 100 individuals to Congress We the people, working for ourselves, can save our Democracy!
  • Will you join me? If I can count on your support, contact me @
    1 Joyce Silver

If you are not yet familiar with my goals, please check out my Blog Posts on the Voice of Joyce on word press ( Joyce Silver on Facebook , like my page. Or check out my Twitter feed@Grandmajsilver or Twitter’s Periscope.
I need your help. I can build a business. I have no idea how to run a Political campaign or elect a President or candidates to Congress.? But it’s my duty to my Country to try. Please help me and together we can have a voice in our Lives and our democracy. Thank you. I look forward to working with many of you.

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