Joyce: “We shall overcome” Periscope @11 AM today!

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Dear followers:
I’ve thought about my proposed “school for Statesmen and women”  and attracting good talent to government. As I spoke, one objection was posed, how can we pay “new people ” a living wage? I did the math.

  • If you paid 100 new people to go into government, I’d increase their salary to $500,000.00 a yr.
  • Change the President’s salary to  $1 Million.

The combined cost would be $51 Million.  Not a $ Billion.  Meanwhile “we the people”, reclaim our Democracy.  A paltry sum considering it takes a  $ Billion from each Party  to elect a President now.   The maths prove the theory.  It’s cheaper to pay “good talented people” , then to allow Crony Capitalism and gridlock to exist.  Your choice, dear followers,  when Politics effects us!

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2 thoughts on “Joyce: “We shall overcome” Periscope @11 AM today!

  1. Good proposal. However, we the people has always been those people who are able to be involved and give knowledgeable direction. The uneducated, poor, addicted and ill will not be participating. Nor will those who sequester themselves in their own groups and do not emerge: not even to vote.

    1. That has been the prevailing truth. However, my experience over these last few years , has confirmed that” we the people get it!” They want change. My hey are aware of corruption in our systems and they are willing to change their Communities and be involved. Hence#Blacklivesmatter.

      The preference is a bloodless revolution.
      Glad you liked my proposal, join me in my quest to restore our Democracy. All the best. Joyce

      Ps Follow and share my Posts and please do be involved!
      Politics effects us, whether we choose involvement or not!

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