The Voice of Joyce: The Middle Class is drowning


We the people
We the people, for the People

This Veterans Day as we honor our Vets. and pay homage, let’s also consider showing compassion to those among us who are suffering because they are unemployed or underemployed.

Stand up and be counted, shine a light on your plight. Use your smartphone and show how many people across our land are under or unemployed.  Let’s not be a Nation of Zombies!  The “silent Majority” ha a civic responsibility to shine a light on what has become endured misery.  A silent killer of white high school educated men and women.

Visual impact gets results.  Look what happened when young activists protested against racial injustice at the University of Missouri?  The President of the University resigned.  We can overcome the inhumane Corporate treatment of workers,  if we make a”million person” splash on Social Media.   Do it for yourself and everyone else.
Let the Fed know their policies are based on ” air” : shine a light on the millions who live a life of quiet despair.
How much proof do you need to know our system is broken?   I am afraid, people will get used to being treated poorly. This inhumane behavior by Corporations will become the “new normal”. We have a saying in Yiddish, “God forbid the things you can get used to”. Remember, ordinary people have survived under Extraordinary circumstances. Can’t we demand better? We the people are swimming in a sea of money, but it’s not available to us. Just like a diabetic, drowning in their own sugar, the Middle Class is drowning!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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