JOYCE: “The Butterfly “?

Many have asked why did I choose a Butterfly to represent me?
There are many reasons:

  • Butterflies are free
  • They represent metamorphosis. Going thru many stages before becoming a graceful creature, with dissimilar wings, soaring then alighting on flowers and fruits, providing sustenance and beauty for all; an effect greater then themselves!
  • An egalitarian creature, no two wings are exact copies yet the entire structure works to perfection.  It symbolizes America and Americans for me.
  • The Butterfly’s fluttering creates an impact on Society greater then itself.

We are looking at the Presidency as an end . In addition, we want to change political leadership on all levels of government. Enabling a President to talk and listen to all points of view while doing the right thing for the American public. In the process, we will all change .

Retired General Stanley McCrystal writes about “The Butterfly Effect” in his book ” Team of Teams”.” The butterfly’s fluttering creates a large impact. An impact that is greater then itself. ”   On a cultural level, my persistent discussions about our Economy and our State of Inequality has resonated with you my dear followers. Now you are ready to take “our”  message to the next level. We agree on the nature of our problems, we agree and are compatible,  independent of our previous Party affiliations.

  • Now our work begins as we form a  Political Party and meet to discuss solutions to our State of Inequality .
  • Our goal : to unite Americans so that we have a voice and a real choice. By expanding our conversation among all our associates and friends, by creating networks we should be creating teams to unite all groups under one banner.
  • Caring is sharing.  Listen and work toward common goals.
  • It’s no “small” coincidence that  some of you have had experience in Campaigns and campaigning.

This movement may have it’s origins in Social Media but we are real people who will meet and coordinate our efforts. What happens next is bigger then me, the buck may end with the President, but the office is nothing without the continued support and involvement of ” we the People”. We’re all involved in our Democracy!  We want to resurrect the Middle Class and  the American Dream of upward mobility for all!

  • We are using The Butterfly Effect for ” the good of We the People”.

When I chose my Butterfly as my symbol, it’s definition evolved with me.   I had no idea “The Butterfly Effect” entered our World, in 1961 , when Edward Lorenz , a meteorologist at MIT,  coined the phrase after writing ” Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings In Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?”

  • ” The phrase , The Butterfly Effect , entered the World at that time.”  (Few  knew?”)


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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