The Voice of Joyce: ” AMERICA Speaks” 

Dear Followers:

After writing about our State of Inequality for three years, I know,  after my last Periscope live Chat , ” we the people”, are open to education and understanding and action.

  • Many are no longer in denial. They want to understand and correct our problems.  The Millennials have joined our conversation!

“America Speaks”, our newly formed inclusive political Party provides a way out of our “State of Inequality”. It will be registered with the FEC.


However, since time is of the essence, write in Campaigns may be the most effective way to break the Parties political stranglehold on our Country. Look up your State’s requirement for write in Campaigns and use this knowledge to support candidates for government. Then promote them vigorously. The House of Representatives is a good place to start. The Senate is a great target, but requires more promotion. If we can dedicate the next year to these pursuits and elect a President “of the people for the people”, my dreams for 2016 would be answered.

It’s a no brainier to write new laws. The laws  already exist. ” We the people”  need a willing group ( hopefully 100 individuals Nationwide)  of independent minded individuals,  to push through an agenda that benefits us.   In the spirit of Christmas, maybe some dreams come true.

I wish all of us a Merry Christmas, joy with our families and a Happy New Year for the Middle Class. Maybe miracles do happen! I hope so for all of us!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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