The Voice of Joyce: Public Word Press 2015 Statistics

Dear Followers:  Thank you!


I’ve attached Word Press’ 2015 Statistics on “the Voice of Joyce”.  Thank you for your continued support!  I hope to do better, with your help next year.


This year was productive.  I introduced a new political Party, which has been named with your help , as “America Speaks”.  Our Citizen Lions, will meet this year, as we work together to form our Party, register it with the FEC, open it for inclusiveness and support Petitions, write in campaigns and watch the Resurrection of the Middle Class.


Please continue to follow my Blog Posts, tune in to Periscope(under twitter @grandmajsilver) most days at 11am and join the conversation.  Together we can rebuild our Democracy.  All the best. Joyce

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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