The Voice of Joyce: ” the times they are a changing”

The times ” they are a changing”, changing too fast to remain silent. Yesterday’s news has been eclipsed by one singular event, the death of Justice Scalia. The pendulum of Justice has the chance to swing toward the Center once again, supporting the right’s of the People over the rights of the Corporation.

People’s rights may be ascendant, if Obama chooses the next Justice wisely. Our democracy and our Constitution are defined by the ruling majority of the Supreme Court. In fact, Chief Justice Marshall stated, at the founding of the Supreme Court , that the upholding and interpretation of the Constitution depends on the number 5. It’s been true during these last year’s of the Roberts, and some say , Scalia’s ” Court.

Therefore, as we confront this unexpected vacancy on the Court, let’s urge the President to choose a wise pragmatic jurist, known to have compassion when adjudicating the rights of ” we the People”. Let’s hope that he designates someone disposed to reconsider Citizens United. A challenge to that Law is long overdue in my view!

Cory Booker’s name has been mentioned by the Times, please no more politicians, no matter how well meaning. The Court needs a giant to replace a giant!  Whoever takes Scalia’s place, let them be equal to the Giants in our history and mindful they are walking in the foot steps of Thurgood Marshall, Cardozo and Frankfurter.

The Supreme Court is one reason to elect a President. His or her choice shapes AMERICAN society for generations. I and my Community urge you, Mr. President to choose wisely. We the people are waiting for equal justice under the law.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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