#ThevoiceofJoyce: The Hilary emails

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I recently saw this article about the Dept of State and cyber security, detailing their technical policy from Condi Rice onward, including a discussion of Hilary Clinton’s  emails and server.


The American people have spent Billions on Government  Networking Technology , starting  with the Bush administration, using Political appointees to oversee the  transmission of  sensitive State Dept. Documents?     One has to question the wisdom of  guarding  sensitive information via political appointees,  rather then using the best  experts in technology the private sector and Military can provide.  Think of the waste of Technological talent,  as former IT skilled Management Level personnel  seek retraining in non tech jobs,  when the Government requires their valuable expertise .  Worse ” we the People” are further harmed when  young men and women have  no place to work  and maintain their IT  Management  and technological credentials.


You, dear reader, be the judge; was Hilary Clinton really culpable?







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    1. Thank you for your comment. The article was revelatory. It shows her to be demanding and clueless about technology and her role in safe guarding correspondence. As were they all. Have we shut down the ability to listen to reasonable expert advise , by creating “know it alls on ego trips”?

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