The voice of Joyce: Back to Basics! 

Back to Basics!!!’ We don’t have to wait 4 more years or generations to stop our State of Inequality. In fact , in order to avert another fiscal crisis and recession the IMF advises that all countries suffering from stagnation start massive stimulus programs now.

Only more revenue and business will cushion the blow from equity , fixed income bonds , and pension readjustment when the Fed stops tapering . Insurance companies who have been dabbling in risk will be caught up in the fiscal crisis once again , too.

However , this time when the fiscal crisis hits , there can be no Middle Class bailout. The Middle Class no longer has the ability or means to prop up the finances of this Country. This time is different. The Bank, Bankers, Hedge Funds and Insurance Companies will have to bail themselves out. They have the money, Trillions have been made at the expense and suffering of the Middle Class . I have no doubt, the next crisis will occur and those responsible will have to put up the cash for their bailout . Hopefully, we can avert hard times by acting now and demand a massive project, like the Space program, to lift us out of poverty and despair.

Then we can reinstate laws that will make Americans safe from Fiscal collapse once again by making the following Bills Law:

  • Warren & McCain Glass Steagall for the 21 st Century.
  • David Vitter &Sherrod Brown Bill on Derivatives
  • My tax on risk/Derivatives and Hi speed millisecond trades
  • Reinstatement of the bill that prevents Congress from accepting outside funds and prevents them from entering Businesses  they regulate for 7 -10 years.


We can do all this and more.
All the best!   Don’t forget to vote!

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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