Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Clinton v Trump? alternative? Plus The Underground Railroad! 



img_2879Dear followers:
I don’t like giving. into popular wisdom. If we vote for Trump or Clinton we’ll have no control over our lives once again. Which one offers us a grand vision to move Onward with our lives?

Recession  looms and can be averted with domestic policy. It took King Henry the Eighth ,18  yrs to realize he had the power as King , to Create and head the Church of England.  We’ve been in recession 8 long years.  We know what awaits us if we stay the course.  When do you join me ?  Write me in for President and together we can rebuild our Nation.

Presidents can  and do make a difference!   There are 14 executive Depts, each one can work to improve the People’s plight.   Plus I’d add a 15 th a representative of the Middle Class an observer to keep us updated on the sentiments of the Country and the success of our Country.  Perhaps that translates  into an active VP ?  TBD or one other?
Tune in at 11 am and let’s chat. The news is amazingly sparse this Friday morning, though we always have much to chat about!

See you later.

  And don’t forget to vote!  Perhaps my name will be on the ballot?  Hey you never know!

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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