AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce PeriscopeThurs @ 11am with Shirley; preview of our discussion yesterday

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Develop a Lobbying organization to support Labors wishes for fair wages and quality benefits. Seats on the Corporate Board. Transparency in wages and growth opportunities. All salaries within every job description to be published leading to equality and gender equality, too! Privacy from management review. No information, except how many are represented, to be revealed. I will hire a team to work with me, and you, the Corporate employee, will control & dictate, all actions to be taken.


Dear followers:

My informal video, with my friend Shirley,  is shared with you on this site.  Shirley and I have become friends during the last 7 months, we met @ Joe’s coffee shop on Columbus Avenue, on the UWS of NYC.    I’ll be sad to see her return to Beijing on the 16th of August.  Let her tell you about her journey and about China today.  She says the UWS of NYC, my neighborhood reminds her of home.  She just finished her Masters at Columbia and her student Visa expires.


She’s leaving and our journey will continue.  I’m visiting her with one of you and several others as we explore our World for excellence in Healthcare, Educational reforms and Infrastructure projects.  One reason to donate & subscribe,  become a part of my journey, exploring other Nations and their achievements.

Two Friends!

Thank you.  See you tomorrow!

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