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Many of the ideas I’ve had in the past are being implemented in other Countries. We are falling behind the innovation curve. However, no need to reinvent the wheel, with the proper Government Institutions in place, we can retrofit other Country’s solutions to our needs.

  •  Denmark is already using vertical greenhouses to produce food for themselves and the World. We could be doing the same in all our cities . Using empty warehouses to house hydroponic plantings of fruits and vegetables.
  • We could probably use these warehouses for livestock as well. Creating energy efficient self contained ,renewable energy sources, recycled and contributing to the electric grid.
  • The energy grid could be improved upon by decoupling most of the grid and preventing major multi State blackouts. Assuring that our critical systems are cyber secure and maintained by IT Project Managers.
  • Why not invest in our infrastructure?  Creating light rail quiet systems to connecting cities and suburbs. The revenue could be raised by taxing developers and big businesses for their use of their land and services; the beneficiaries of an accessible trained work force. 


We know South Korea , Japan , Singapore, Australia and Switzerland have the best Healthcare. Why not use their ideas and create a system that treats  everyone with  physical and mental health problems?  Why not develop a standard of care that’s acceptable and benefits both staff and patients?   Other Countries have written standards of Care. Why not America?


  • Singapore and Finland excel in Education. Why not listen and learn.
  • The European Nations are already turning to green energy. Royal Dutch Petroleum, Total and BP are funding clean energy, realizing that Fossil Fuels are no longer acceptable in a World with rising CO2 emissions. They’re looking at hydrogen cells, bio fuels, electric , nuclear power and magnetic force fields. We could have created mass transportation, using trains that floated on a magnetic force field in the 70’s and gave away the technology , preferring to  consume oil and coal.
  • The Exxon Mobil climate denial fraud will shortly be exposed, as their Lawsuit proceeds through the Courts. Ironically, the Rockefeller Family Foundation is one of the litigants.
  • The Infrastructure of the future is being tried in China and other parts of the Far East and the Scandinavian Countries.  Why not develop similar systems and adapt their ideas to our Country?


Ideas exist, allowing us to innovate  our way out of Climate Catastrophes and Recession. We merely have to think smarter: Use algorithms to plan our Cities and rural areas and  be mindful.  While we are stabilizing the heating of our planet, we can’t afford more  loss of life.

  •  Our goal is a living wage and providing quality Healthcare and Education as a right,  for everyone.
  •  We all benefit,  if we treat Climate Catastrophes as an opportunity and  come together as one nation to improve all our lives.  Fund me on my quest for new ideas.  Thank you!

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