AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceofJoyce EPI #33 YouTube: What do we want? Equal Justice



Episode #33 Equal Justice & Social Equality

The People have spoken out against injustice and to me, this means our Country will change. 

Discrimination in our Country is unacceptable, to die for the color of your skin is unconscionable.  BlackLivesMatter and we should be outraged on their behalf. Protests are a way to show our Solidarity with them. 

  • The Black population has suffered Genocide, Justice Inequality and Social Inequality. Hispanic lives are next on the endangered list, working in hazardous jobs unseen!  

When# BlackLives Matter, cites “defunding the Police “, they mean adding hot lines & resources to the Police to identify and counsel for those in need of help! Their request is emphasizing our humanity & compassion. Today,  Suffolk County’s AG , is implementing these programs and could be a model for police reform. 

Can we mend the fissures exposed in our Society? Yes.  Think of all of us as one. There is no them, only us. 

  •  Don’t lose hope. Vote for people who will think Big in these trying times & Work together with us for Equal Justice & Equal Opportunity.  Have a blessed day
  • The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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