PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What can a PRESIDENTIAL TEAM do for Us? Plenty!!! Read on….

JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm
JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm

Dear Followers: Now more than ever, we must vote and seek out Leaders prepared to progress in the 21 st Century. This Pandemic has given us a rare opportunity to see our State of Inequality clearly, along with our racial divides.

Our Society’s future is up to us. I’Ve given you a glimpse into our past. The monumental Presidents, who changed our lives for the better. We need leaders in Government to #ThinkBig and provide us with equal opportunity for all and a fair deal for everyone! The right Presidential and Congressional Legislatures can solve our problems, making our lives livable and happier. I know it and feel it. We’ve seen a Dystopian future. Reject and opt to write our own History with New Jobs and new careers for many! I’d include, 2 years of Public Service, no exemptions, for Everyone graduating High School too. We’ll need a break, once we’ve crushed Covid 19. READ ON!

What do I want in A Presidential team. They say a president can do nothing. I don’t believe that’s true. According to Historians,  4 great presidents  stand out in history.   They made a difference by the shear power of their personality , their dedication to hard work and their vision for a fair and just society .  The Monumental 4:  Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR.

Perhaps the Country was ready to accept the change  they brought about? Be assured, whether the Country and all our People, understood their vision or not, their vision prevailed creating our Republic and it’s strong foundation.   Nobody worked alone, they all had Teams of Experts.  Some, like Lincoln, chose to work with a Team of Rivals.  (See Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book by that title and I urge everyone to read her book on TR, The Bully Pulpit.  For information on Washington, I can recommend Ellis’s book on Washington or  David McCullough’s book on John Adams or 1776)   They all learned on the job as they developed their strategies and confronted the problems that were facing the Country during their time!

  1. Washington was our first President. Clearly though he had never  been a General, Washington at 6’4″ was chosen to lead the American troops because the Founding Father’s thought he had a Commanding presence.  Before the Revolutionary War started, Washington ordered every book on Military Tactics he could buy from the British.   He also ordered uniforms for himself!  He had a rudimentary knowledge of Warfare  since he had been a Junior officer during the French and Indian Wars.    Through trial and error George Washington led the Revolutionary forces to Victory establishing,  with the help of Adams, Jefferson and Franklin,  The United States of America.  Failure was not an option!
  • Lincoln came into office with 7 Southern States seceding from the Union.  He represented a new Political Party, The Whig’s, now known as The Republican Party.  He was unprepared for the turmoil surrounding him and personally selected his cabinet as the “winds of the Civil War” to come were blowing.  With no choice, Lincoln entered the Civil War determined to rebuild our Union!  After 3 years of fighting , by1863, Lincoln published The Emancipation Proclamation, Declaring “that all persons held as slaves, within the rebellious states”, ” are”  and “henceforth shall be free”.   By  1865, as the War was ending, Lincoln delayed signing the treaty to end the War in order to codify The Emancipation Proclamation.  He knew that making the  Emancipation Proclamation  Law , was  most essential .  There was no other option.
  • Teddy Roosevelt:  Our rough rider President.   The most flamboyant of our Presidents, he possessed Charisma and an unstoppable energy.  He  did what he thought was right, even if it meant he put himself in harm’s way!  Though TR  came from the privileged classes, TR had a sense of fairness and justice.   He used the Press  to break up The Trusts and Monopolies that existed during the Gilded Age.   He was for the working class and supported the average citizen in the “Square Deal”.  He provided a system of Government that broke up the Monopolistic Corporation, held down rail road rates, and guaranteed pure food and drugs.  He was the first person to speak out on Conservation and  expanded our National Parks and forests.     He knew what had to be done during the Gilded Age and he did it , creating the Regulations and Laws required to maintain a more equitable Society.  There were no options for Teddy Roosevelt.  He saw his duty to his country quite clearly.
  • FDR a cousin of TR’s was not Teddy’s first choice for President.  FDR was a Democrat.  He, too, was privileged but possessed  a deep moral obligation to fix our Society.  Roosevelt’s platform, “The New Deal,” was an evolving creation of Laws and federal programs to help the Common Man escape the poverty of the Great Depression.  Through Laws he enacted, he provided government jobs for the unemployed.    Economic growth and reform, was a primary concern of The New Deal:  the regulation of Wall Street Banks was a necessity!  Glass Steagall was written to protect our Society from the “boom and bust” economic cycles prevalent with out regulation.  (The Glass Steagall Act was 36 pages long and survived for 66 years, until it was overturned in 1999, in favor of the Gramm- Leach-Biley Act  which made affiliations between banks and securities firms possible. )  The Country’s Social Security System , the SEC, The FDIC were all established during his Presidency to provide an economic safety net to America’s citizens.  FDR  wasn’t always right but he tried reforms that he believed would lead to a stronger and more prosperous American Society.  FDR had no choice, people were starving, food was scarce and we were suffering with the worst drought the Country had known.  Once again, failure was not an option.

Where are we now?  

  • The Fiscal Crash of 2008, was the culmination of a deregulated monetary system that let “animal spirits” control the Markets and allowed the Banks and Bank “like” entities to be bailed out by the American taxpayer.    Under various Presidents of the 20th  and 21 st centuries,  Laws protecting ordinary citizens from Bankers abuse were overturned.  Just like 1901, we have created a “ruling class” in America that watches it’s wealth increase exponentially while real wages for ordinary citizens decreases exponentially, as well.  Worse, our leaders claim lack of worker skills, or bipartisanship in government as reasons for stagnation of ideas and jobs?  They are no longer fooling 300,000,000+ of US.  We know what’s driving the Politicians and Big Business and the Banks; money and influence guaranteed by Citizens United and deregulation of Laws that would protect US from another Fiscal Collapse.  We know modern day ” Oligarchs” govern  to serve themselves while  300,000,000 + million suffer . Once again the country finds itself on the cusp of change,  as ordinary people begin to understand the truth of their dilemma. We have been robbed of our money, robbed of our dignity, robbed of our moral convictions by an elected group of officials who can only serve the needs of their financial benefactors.

Once again, the populace will be faced with a  voting decision.  In 2016, we vote for a New President.    It won’t be easy for  the  next team entering the White House.   Though the real statistics on the State of our Union may be obscured, we the People, know we have a problem.  It’s the Economy!  Our new leaders will have to be a team with a vision for our country and the ability to carry out their mission:  Changing our Laws to protect our citizens. 

  • We must really believe  and know in our hearts that the next Presidential team will help us in our quest for a return to better times.  It’s up to us  to define issues that are important to us .

We should look to elevate those we believe will lead us thru rough times  to a better place. We want elected officials who are  concerned with doing the next right thing for we the people and not their donors. This is my belief. This is why I so stubbornly say time is of the essence. This is why I am pushing all of us to stand up for what we know is :: 

  • A return to our cherished American Way of life. Led by people who have our best interest at heart.  We the People suffer for our petty infractions of the law .  Now it’s time to create laws that protect our rights and makes those who would tear down our system of Democracy and Capitalism, responsible and accountable under the Law. Nothing less then 100% dedication to the salvation and reinstatement of The Middle Class works for me.  For  40 yrs we’ve accepted the mission creep of our demise.  There is no need to suffer boom and busts,  when proper Laws that define Financial Fiduciary responsibility can give us a Century of Prosperity.

We need prosperity at home to prepare us for the Global problems that confront us.   The droughts, a loss of water reserves,  will create hardships for regions of our planet , fueling the flames of war. To save ourselves from a return to the Stone Age, let’s all be involved .

  • The first step is demanding economic stability and jobs for all our people.
  • The second step should be education and tweaking the health care system so that it is affordable and offers quality.

We have much work to do.  The next Presidential Team has to hit the ground running .  That’s why I think citizen involvement is so important. No one person or two can do this job. We must all be involved in our salvation.  Time is running out and we need understanding on many fronts.   We have to be involved in developing America’s mission and we need a newspaper to spread  those ideas and concepts to everyone.

Thanks for listening and reading dear followers. As always ,I look toward you for support.   God Bless you and have a great day.

The heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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