Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Monday: Scrapping over the Public Purse!

Dear followers:  Before I launch into my Blog Post, expressing my thoughts and the experts’ thoughts on the latest Bill before Congress, I direct your attention  to the  collaborative political cartoons above, drawn by Justin Weingartner in 2015.  We saw our “State of Inequality” and we were alarmed by the influence of money in politics. 

We are all being played.  The GOP supporting the tax reform bill are supporting it for their donors and stealing from the American people.  This bill is a disaster for “We the People”. The Economist states, “… even the Reagan tax cuts had to be curtailed when deficits ballooned”.  The Economist is referring to the 1981 tax cuts.

  • To quote the Economist, ” Democracy requires deliberation and deliberation requires honesty.  After this bill, a great fear of the Founding Fathers – a politics of warring factions and interests scrapping over the Public Purse – looks closer than ever.”
  • My 2 cents. This Post was written on December 10th, 2017. It’s prophetic, except we’re no longer scraping over the Public Purse, the purse is being withheld from the Lower and Middle Classes. During this Pandemic, as millions go hungry, lack healthcare, and may get an extra $600 in unemployment insurance, the Senate is debating, should there be stimulus for the “we the People”? Odd, when we learn major Public Corporations have received Billions with no strings attached. Are “we the People” finally going to speak up amd write our own History to survive and thrive, or will many choose more pain. Living in the present demands that we acknowledge our position in Society and choose which Legislators represent us. Politics, does affect US! Continue reading my original post dated 2017 and still relevant.

If Americans continue to behave in a tribal manner in the midwest and south, trusting the rhetoric of their congressional representatives, they will surely suffer.  Why would you vote for a person who does not represent your interests?  These guys aren’t the good guys.  They’re  satisfying their donors!  If you tell them forcefully you won’t vote for them in the next election, if they pass this tax bill, they SHOULD listen to you.  It’s worth a try;   it IS  your democratic right. 

I should also note that Trump  thought it would be advantageous for him to shut down the Government.  Shutting down the government is a bad idea; it winds up costing the taxpayers in excess of $300 million and grief to government employees who depend upon their pay checks.  Of course, Congressmen and Women are paid, even as government workers and non-essential jobs are not funded, Military personnel not on active duty may require a waiver for pay, Veteran services would be curtailed.  The ramifications of a government shutdown are enormous.

Even if the Democrats  want to link DACA to increasing the National Debt ceiling,  what is wrong with codifying the DACA immigrants’ pathway to citizenship three months earlier, or at the very least a guarantee that they can stay in this country?  Because we are so myopic in our policies, we may lose a generation of creative and productive individuals.  “We the People” are stagnating and marching in place.

In 1901, Teddy Roosevelt had the support of the populace and the wealthy brilliant leaders of Society behind him.  His cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also had the people behind him, plus an educated wealthy group of followers and advocates.  Where are those leaders now?  “We the People” do have power and we need economists, billionaires and philanthropists  on both sides of the aisle who care about Democracy to raise their voices high to say that Donald Trump and his Administration are lying to Americans and bad for America’s economy and the Global Economy as well.   Every person in Trump’s administration, Congress and the State Governments who support these dreadful polices: shame on them! 

This bill before Congress will surely increase inequality in America.   Shame on us too, if we Americans do not mobilize against these egregious polices.  And shame on us,  if we can’t mobilize the public to cry out for Donald Trump’s Impeachment,    It is up to “We the People”, all 360 million of us, to do what is right when confronted with bad policy and self interested people who support and make those policies.  The Rule of Law must be upheld or our Democracy will surely slip through our hands.

Remember, if we loosen banking regulations, make the World Wide Net into a toll road, and continue to accelerate carbon emissions, it is “We the People” who stand to lose everything!

Don’t let this Tax Cut pass.  It is a gift to the donor class and a disaster for the states and services for “We the People”.  We want better education, quality affordable healthcare, and toll free Infrastructure programs.  Instead, our services will be curtailed as the states struggle to obtain revenue.  I urge you to be involved in our democracy, speak out like Peter Wehner, a conservative Republican.   We  need a Bipartisan chorus of voices ” to cry out in a shrill voice”,  Isaiah 58-1-14, when we are confronted with injustice.

See you Monday, dear followers and we’ll talk!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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