AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Notes Straight from TheEconomist plus my notes. 7/16/20. Enjoy the Covers. The Webinar will be recoded and I’ll make it available to Everyone on my Social Media platforms.

The Economist

This was in February before Covid. Though by the end of February, I personally was spooked, didn’t attend AIPAC, in Washington, DC , started semi isolation.

Calm Financial Banks, businesses and support Labor. Zanny Beddoes Editor in Chief The Economist. Covering the Pandemic through the Economist and their Covers. Not just a Medical Story, it’s all about the effects on our World. The consequences for Businesses, Economy, People.

Closed happened, but it will probably happen again to crush the virus before winter. Globalization has happened yet, but it will.

The Economist closed with the World.

Large rise in Government economic bailout and Asia using data to control & track virus.

Clearly there have been trade offs with People vs the Economy. However, we can’t have an Economy until we crush the virus together.

The business of Survival, move fast and survive! In the USA we’re still not prepared to crush this virus. Politics has clouded many judgements. We’re all fighting a virus. Suppression of data won’t help and will hinder our efforts to get over the virus & consequences.

They are winning on two fronts.

Authoritarians grab power.
Then there was an issue all about debt! My opinion, it won’t matter. We’ll need a major global reset.

The Economist has added ways to amuse yourself at home! Outside voices: Mike Carney, Bill Gates. There has been more content.

There has to be an acknowledgement of Climate Mitigation during the time of Covid. Climate Change is Global. Both the Pandemic & Climate Change are linked. We’ve encroached on Nature an we will continue to have Pandemics. We have to focus on our handling of this Pandemic.

This has not been our finest hour.

The Economist is looking at the further catastrophes we’re not prepared for. There are many.

The Economist model says Donald Trump will lose, but take nothing for granted. “We the People” must take back our Country. We should get beyond the polarization & angry feeling that exists & strive for Fair minded and rigorous analysis of facts.

Remake the case for Liberal values. Q & A
1. China needs a united response from the West. US unilateral approach is the Tragedy of the moment.
2. Covers are a statement! Agenda setting! Predictive.
3. Upcoming forecast of November elections. US elections. Deep dive Podcast, reporting on the election. Policy shaping up?
4. Deep dive on Biden!
5. Global Economy
6. Understand the forces at work on Macroeconomics. Post Covid economy? What does it mean for all of us. Rethink how you use time in the office. Can’t lose the creativity, though Zoom is being used for putting the magazine together.
7. Young people are losing out economically and in education.
8. Covid affecting Geopolitical shift, technology and what it does to Climate Change. Think we’ll need more activism in Climate Mitigation.
9. Activist Fed. Huge increase in public debt , high tax revenue & more equality.
10. Monetary support of Wall Street and Main Street still suffering.
11. The Editors from the Economist.

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