TheVoiceOfJoyce Covid Fatigue?

Covid Fatigue, indeed!

You wouldn’t have Covid fatigue, if Trump & TrumpsGOP hadn’t disparaged the scientists. If we had a uniform policy coming out of Washington, we could be reopening our Economy with fewer deaths.

The fatigue is understandable, some of us, who want to remain healthy and have been in semi isolation since February, early March. We know the science is correct and evolving. We trust Dr Fauci and John’s Hopkins. We’re fatigued and it’s Trumps fault.

Why is it difficult to wear a Mask, maintain social distancing and good Hygiene? Couple this regime with Simple Cheap Rapid Tests and we could stop the Covid Outbreaks in weeks.

Trump and Trumps Administration’s, lack of governance and their flaunting of CDC protocols, have led directly to the illness of millions, the deaths of over 250,000 and an Economic disaster for 30+ millions.

Trump has no plan to help the American people remain healthy, nor will he be able to control Market Volatility. The Market depends on the health and well being of Americans. Uncertainty, as we’re seeing, is driving the Market downward.

What would bring us and our Economy back to health?

  • A massive stimulus package, a basic Living Wage, enough money to sustain millions through the next 6 months. Now is the time to spend big,
  • Give money to the States and invest in Rapid Tests for everyone.
  • Being flexible and ensuring good governance would benefit all Americans.

Donald Trump, his Administration and his complicit GOP Senate can reverse course and save American Lives and our Economy. This is no longer, business as usual. The Lobbyists, “we the People”, now understand, do not support healthy, questioning, participatory Democracy. They’ve become too greedy and that will be their undoing along with Trump’s.

The heart and pulse of “We the People “.

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