TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube EPI #53 Election RoundUp!

My 2 Cents!

One year on YouTube and I’m still marketing “ the politics “ of change that benefits “We the People “. 

Vote and remember to follow all the instructions assuring your vote is valid.  Wisconsin students are helping folks navigate Voter ID.  There are many young adults we can be proud of! I note many of them collectively and discuss their seriousness to their studies and their dedication to the preservation of their Communities.

Also, as I write this post, more people are voting. Be mindful of Covid in the air. When voting use a Mask, social distance & keep your hands clean when touching any surface. Vote overwhelmingly for Democracy! 

Once again, I advocate for FDA Approval of the cheap frequent inexpensive Rapid SalivaTests.  I kinow, from listening to Microbe TV, TWiV, having accessibility to these tests on a daily basis will prevent Covid outbreaks.

New Info on Covid 19:

  • Asymptomatic individuals infected with Covid 19 are susceptible to long term organ damage. Protect yourself and protect others by wearing a Mask.
  • Individuals with Type A blood are at greater risk for Covid and may have a more serious infection course.

In conclusion:

My views on America’s next steps to achieve a Democratic pragmatic society with equal justice!  Hint: I favor a gap year or 2 after High School to eliminate the class divide. A compulsory 2 years as an apprentice or doing Community Service, would be a worthwhile destresser and learning experience. Leveling the opportunity playing field.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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