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The issues: Georgia Senate Runoff swings US Senate & Covid Surge

  • Joe Biden is our 46 th President.
  • Vote overwhelmingly for Jon Ossoff & the Reverend Warnock and swing the US Senate away from Mitch McConnell’s miserly grip. Restore platforms by the people, for the People.
  • Support minorities & Fund these Organizations in Georgia
  • Nuestro PAC
  • GALEOorg
  • FairFight Coalition
  • Voter Participation Center
  • Power Block

The Latino and African American votes are 10% + of the Georgia population.
Give them a chance to be leaders.

Covid surges:

We don’t have to have these outbreaks. Dr Michael Mina’s Rapid SalivaTest is approved. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will distribute Rapid Tests to 133 Countries and the WHO will distribute these tests, too! This is a multi pronged approach to limit the spread of Covid,

  • Stop the Covid Outbreaks.
  • Elect the Georgia Democrats overwhelmingly to the US Senate. Let’s have some years of Legislation that benefit “we the People “.

The People have spoken and we want change in America. We’re still waiting for a Stimulus Package for Americans, enabling them to survive and thrive for the next 6 months. We’re still waiting for equal opportunity.

Be safe. Be well.

The heart and pulse of “We the People”.

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