AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce While I was listening to The Economist’s analysis of Putin’s War in Ukraine. Information came over their news wire, two Generals of the FSB were arrested. That’s interesting, because the head of the FSB is part of Putin’s inner circle. Evidently, scapegoats will fall as Putin’s inner circle sees divisions among each other. It should be noted, the FSB is used for targeted Assassination, poisoning dissidents and enforcing the jailing of Protestors. Putin now has the problem, he feared. Cracks in the inner or Cle that can lead to regime change. Additionally, to help ordinary Russian citizens perhaps Visa & Mastercard should remain along with the West’s Social Media Platforms. The West needs Russians to know the truth about Putin’s War. The Russian peopke are already hearing bad news from the front, some of their kids are not coming home and the ones who have defected, tell a different tale about Putin’s War. They’ve experienced Ukrainian Nationalism and Ukrainian Genocide by Putin.

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