AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Putin is destabilizing European Politics and American politics. The Cold War never ended for Putin. He’s on a personal quest for power. Macron is the only choice for France, yet Putin’s machine has recreated LePen. She speaks differently, but she’s still bought and paid for by Putin. Ditto for Donald Trump, he may say what some want to hear& he, too, is funded by Putin. Trump had no problem hiding the virulence of Covid, weaponizing protection and likely causing extra deaths. The people who staff our restaurants and supply chains were the first to die. Never forget, the takers of Putin’s largesse seek money and power for themselves and not for “We the People “. You want to speak Truth to Power, don’t elect anyone who follows Putin. Putin lives in the feudal past,he seeks conquests , his milk is oil and the people ofRussia and the World be damned.

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