TheVoiceOfJoyce Issuing a stake in Federal subsidies to Chip makers makes sense. How much money would be returned to taxpayers and how would it be spent? Why can’t we retroactively tap into the Trillion dollars subsidies of of the Fossil Fuel Industry and reduce pricing at the pump or decrease their Subsidies by 50% until they include renewable energy in their product mix. The Federal Government and taxpayers should benefit from the Subsidies and real estate tax breaks from Big Agricultural Firms, lower prices at the market would be welcome, here, too! There’s a lot our Government can do to lower costs to the Consumer and it’s necessary when Corporate Greed is responsible for higher pricing to the Consumer. Why not target all Corporations doing business with the Government, if their CEO’s make 2200 Times their employees salary, the Federal Government might levy a 10% tax, funding tax payer relief? If the microchip industry gave back equity to the Federal Government to benefit taxpayers, how would the government structure this return on investment? Can this structure be applied to all industries getting Governmental Subsidies? Or all industries doing business with the Government? It’s time “We the People “ benefit from Government largesse, too!

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