TheVoiceOfJoyce Dark stores, in NYC neighborhoods are a new grocery shopping warehouse. They’re not open to the Public. They compete with neighborhood stores. They’re unregulated grocery business, competing with local shops. They’ ve got an edge on the competition, delivery in 10 min? How? They hire employees, stress them to the max, offer unsafe working conditions and then fail to pay them. Luckily, many are leaving the NYC region. They’re moving to fast, like tech companies, they move fast and break things, in the process they’re unprofitable and going bankrupt. It’s to bad we’re using people , making them disposable commodities, instead of investing in labor and providing respect and a living wage. PS from 1000’s of locations within NYC, only 23 entities remain. GOPuff is now in Bankruptcy. It came into existence during the Pandemic, offering RapidTests at $25 for 2 tests. Then they morphed into convenience shopping with no rules and regulations. Just like Uber & Lyft, the monies earned leave the Communities. It’s a lose lose.

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