TheVoiceOfJoyce Another Corporation with no oversight and Cancer clusters are in southern New Hampshire ! PFAS, toxic forever chemicals have leached into our waters, once again. PFAS chemicals are all over: army bases are contaminated. Where are Regulations and Congressional oversight? Why aren’t Corporations held accountable? Fined? Made to clean our waters and provide health care to the 1000’s of citizens affected? Good governance has good laws to protect us, “We the People”, from harm. This is not an isolated incident. It’s another toxin we’re living with or dying from while our Government is grid locked. Flint has lead in their water. New Jersey has lead in their water and paint. Louisiana has toxic alley from petrochemicals. St. Louis has nuclear waste that was buried and leached into their water supply. Isn’t anybody writing Laws to provide us with clean drinkable water and fresh air to breathe? When do we decide our health and well being are more important than Corporate profits?

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