TheVoiceOfJoyce Developing Lung Cancer is not a death sentence, thanks to TRACERx in the UK.

Long cancers once treated, have a 70% cure rate. The other 30% , prone to relapse, are now monitored for early detection, using a blood test developed by TRACERx. They found , people at risk, had chromosomal changes causing tumor metastasis . Now, with a simple blood test, these metastasis can be detected early and treated.

Another blood test has been developed by TRAERx , to detect tumor development early in people having an inflammatory response to a polluted environment. Pollution has a direct link to Lung Cancer.

Is it time to factor in the cost of healthcare required, to overcome the effects of emissions generated pollution? Fossil Fuel emissions have direct and indirect costs. Replacement of Fossil Fuels is a priority!

The new technique, which is still completing its clinical trials, provides early warnings of a cancer’s return while freeing recuperating cancer patients who are not at risk of a tumour’s return, such as Kelly from undergoing unnecessary additional treatments. “It means we can target patients that are most at need when they are most receptive to treatment,” said Swanton.

But Kelly’s case raises an important issue. She had never smoked but still developed lung cancer. The disease is closely linked to smoking, but “never smokers” account for 10-20% of cases. Research funded by TRACERx has since uncovered a key risk.

“We have found that air pollution is an important trigger of lung cancer. It generates an inflammatory response in the lungs, triggering an influx of white cells which, in turn, releases signalling molecules that induce the lung’s membrane to initiate a wound-healing response. Crucially, this response goes awry if cells harbour a particular mutation. The result is a tumour,” said Swanton.

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