TheVoiceOfJoyce If we want competition, the Government has to enforce anti trust Legislation and stop allowing mergers. To protect us, the government workforce must be expanded to enforce anti trust Laws. Unaccountable Business is hurting Americans. There is no data on Corporate 1000 following ESG’s! ( Definition: Stewards of the Environment, Contributing to their community, creating Corporate Governance giving stakeholders a say in the working of the Corporation)

Big business loves consolidation of their Power. They are not benevolent. They’re avaricious and exist to raise profits and market share. By allowing mergers and one, two or 3 dominant players in every industry, we created greedy companies, oblivious to the needs of their customers and the root cause of our current Inflationary spiral.

We can do better!

Taylor Swift fans, and everyone else, would be better off if the government would stop trusting corporations and instead act to preserve real competition.

The beauty of antitrust law is that it relies on corporate greed to deliver the best results for consumers, workers and the broader economy. The government doesn’t need to extract promises of good behavior or to rely on restraint. It just needs to maintain competition.

In approving the Live Nation deal in 2010, regulators displayed an astonishing faith in their ability to engineer competition. The government concluded that allowing the nation’s largest event promoter to buy the nation’s largest ticket vendor would give the new company greater power to squeeze performers, venues and concertgoers. But instead of blocking the deal, it imposed conditions that it said would preserve competition. These conditions included requiring Ticketmaster to license its software to potential competitors and requiring Live Nation to promise that it wouldn’t seek to drum up business for Ticketmaster by threatening to withhold performances from venues that used other services.

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